Monday, 3 October 2016

For Paul.

I said I would share stuff to you dude and here it is!

Kanye breakdown. 

He's a much more complicated artist* than many realise because of all the nonsense that goes with him, so you can either love him or hate him, but I feel he deserves respect. I like to think of him as a collective artist, rather than just a rap celebrity.  I may be over thinking him but I like to think his entire life is a performance, and I think he does too given his self reflective lyrics and actions.

Take this song 'Runaway' - this was on his first album after his infamous Taylor Swift stage incident.  It gets passed over as it wasn't a pop hit, and I feel that even the guest inclusion rapper is on there just to offer a comparrison of how that kind of attitude is on normal rap songs, compared to what he is going for.    It's not a rap song, in the traditional sense.  Just an outpouring.

This was his performance at glastonbury.  He's a superstar and if you watch from 09:20 for a few minutes at least in the dark, on the big screen, it's amazing.   Just him, the lights, the music and the crowd.  He gets interrupted by Lee Nelson, but then just starts over, even better.

Go to 1.06.40 for runaway live.  Maybe I just like that song :)

Despite all his bravado, he's incredibly self aware.  I think he's needs his ego to feed his perfomances and art, but I think that when you only see his ego and his antics, we miss out on the overall package.

He's also (although often forgotten about) responsible for some of the most revered rap albums as a producer, and his first solo album was stopped due to a car accident where his jaw was broken, and that resulted in 'Through the Wire' where he rapped with his mouth shut.

Regarding him being an artist, I honestly feel he's knocking on the door of something amazing artistically, but it's a 'two steps forward, one step back' as he makes some great art, and transcends his peers, but then does something so incoherant and attention seeking it undoes any credit. Even his current marriage I wonder is part of an overall performance.  Probably not, but maybe so, and we'll find out one day.

Great guide to his early albums here. Worth a 10 minute read, which certainly put some of his other actions in perspective.

It's not all serious, Dave Chappelle recalls his first meeting with Kanye before he was famous....

South Park

You have to watch the last season of SP if you can, and this one is only getting better.

This is the first episode of season 19, and there are only 10 episodes a season, but it's totally worth it.  My only issue with SP now is that they don't censor the swearing.  They used to, and I have no proble, with it, but generally I think it makes it funnier when it's bleeped.

I can't tell you how good the show is getting.

Thursday, 3 June 2010

Found this cartoon. Old news but the strip is great


First off, I think I'm right in saying that there is a grammatical error with the name of my blog. THEBUTTONZBLOG should probably have an apostrophy somewhere, but it's been years since I read Eats, Shoots and Leaves, and many more years since I left any kind of education, so I can't be sure how to correct it. :/

Secondly, I'm a very lazy man with a cheap wireless keyboard, so lease excuse the poor typing, mistakes etc. This is mostly why I steer cleer of internet sex chat, as I get the feeling that at some significant moment, my typing would let me down and I would lose any chance of seeing some niplz pslszx

Feel free to correct me as and when you see fit. If you don't spot it, nobody will.

I spent the better part of today wondering around the City (London) taking some time in the sun, and gosh there were girls about. This is the time of year when the change happens so quickly that it's stunning. Women wear so few clothes it' shocking not just to me, but to every rubber necked bloke I watched with a wry smile painted accross my face. The downside of this, as a city boy, is that the summer changes nothing for our dress. Nothing. My stuffy suit, shirt, leather shoes, tie and belt stay the same all year round, just minus an overcoat for winter. I whish that once, once, I could just go to work in my shorts.

Regardless, this still remains the last remaining taboo of my office. Women can almost wear anything they want to work and not be criticized. Overweight? Wear joggers. Underweight? Wear a jumper. Sexy? Wear tight clothes.

Man? wear a suit - end of... Still, there are many many more things wrong with the world, and I still have a job.

The saving grace is dress-down Friday, which I will be taking full advantage of tomorrow. Maybe i'll blog a picture of my outfit.

Everyone is talking and selling this stuff recently. Still seems like a good message, if a little sinister.

Big Hole

Ok, so I said that I would do my best to make my first post include a nakid ladee but I thought I would put this instead. It's a big hole. Everyone has already seen this, but if you haven't



This is a blog for me to share mythoughts, items, pictures and video with the world. I'll try to be funny, interesting and provoking, but I can't promise any of these.